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zen-entrepreneurshipBased on a true story, this book is about succeeding in life while walking a spiritual path. Follow the travels of a young entrepreneur as he starts and grows a multi-million dollar business, only to discover that real success is tied to the hidden worlds and learn the secrets of being a Career Warrior.

This book is not just for entrepreneurs, but for anyone who wants to find their work and place in life, who want to bring more integrity into their work and be more successful personally and financially.

Zen Entrepreneurship will teach you the 14 hidden keys for success, including:

  • How to use your work for spiritual growth.
  • How to achieve success using the Four Keys to Manifestation.
  • How to discover and transcend your Energetic Pattern, rather than letting it run you.
  • How to bring the magic and mystery of a treasure hunt into your career.
  • How to find the 7 Clues that are pointing you to the person you were meant to be!
  • How to utilize your dreams and synchronicity to serve as your guide.
  • How to find and utilize Places of Power, and Times of Power to be more successful.
  • How to manifest appropriately to propel you to financial and business success.
  • How to find and walk your own Warrior’s Path, the unique combination of lesson and contributions you are here for. (Amaon.de)

Rizwan Virk

Zen Entrepreneurship – Walking the Path of the Career Warrior

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